A secure, easy to use method for crypto transactions. Not Crypto trading. The drop off and the pick up of any cryptocurrency from a secure lockbox via UHF VHF RF spectrum.  B2Bcell is a Cooperative a club. It has created a trusted wireless access point that does not use 4G/5G cell phone spectrum or WiFi spectrum.  The encrypted wireless data connection made VHF /UHF spectrum is both secure and anonymous.  This wireless connection allows the delivery and pick up of any Crypto payments.  The wireless access point is Private. It is set up for use by pre-screened “members”. B2bcell offers a a secure “peer to peer” connection.  B2Bcell is a private wireless ISP structured as a COOP.

The access point uses off-the-shelf technology and VHF/UHF spectrum.

Members of the B2Bcell COOP will be able to use existing smart phones to pay anyone with Crypto.  These payments will made with no record of the transaction, Payments made WITHOUT using the public internet. Transactions will never touch the public internet or any cell phone network.  Crypto transactions made with B2Bcell technology will be just like handing someone $100 in paper cash and getting back a paper receipt.

The inspiration

A successful test of a VHF GoTenna data connection in St Croix, USVI in February 2018

Meet the Team

Dave Ahl

Founder & CEO

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