Ease of use

Secure easy to use method for the drop off and pick up of any cryptocurrency.  B2Bcell is an anonymous broker that offers  100% secure and anonymous transactions. It allows for the delivery and pick up payments.

Connectivity is over a private secure "peer to peer" VHF or UHF wireless connection.


Cooperative Structure

The structure of B2Bcell is a COOP.  Think of a COOP like a club. Members must be voted in.

Members will know "the reputations" of other members. Members will not know names or other personal information of any other members.

Transactions can only be made with other fully vetted members of the Cooperative.  There will be a trail period for new members.

Off-the-shelf technology old reliable VHF/UHF spectrum

Using off-the-shelf technology, a private Peer-to-Peer wireless network will be constructed.  This network will use VHF/UHF licensed and unlicensed spectrum. This reliable spectrum has been used by aviation and public safety for years. To access this private network, restricted to authenticated vetted members of the B2bcell Cooperative, members will use a smartphone phone app.  This app will link to a separate high power UHF or VHF radio.  The goal is to make any crypto payment any transaction as easy as using Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.

Anonymous crypto payments just like paying with $100 bills.

No transaction tracking, no data capture of any kind. The only data ever transmitted over the public internet will be the specific data required to update the public blockchain and validate the transaction. No data no transaction records will be stored or retained.  B2bcell Coop will have an unobstructed view of all non encrypted online activity by our members. This view will be limited to the time when b2bcell members are connected to the b2bcell VHF/UHF access point.  Regular ISPs and mobile data carriers track and retain everything. ISPs and mobile carriers track websites visited, the applications used and of course your location.  All data over the b2bcell trusted wireless node will be encrypted. No records will be kept. Disputed Transactions, dispute resolution will not take place over our connection.

Think of the b2bcell VHF/UHF access point as "the proxy".  It is the trusted known middle man for secure "peer to peer" crypto transactions without using the public internet.

Consumers do NOT like to hand over  personal information and do not like to use ANY residential or mobile broadband service that tracks everything.  Anything sent over the public Internet or sent via any cell phone data connection is tracked and recorded by ISP.  ISPs collect customers’ personal and private information

Transactions public ledger - different from Visa or MasterCard

Decentralized and "trustless" public ledgers (used by Bitcoin and other crypto currencies) record blockchain data, These distributed public ledgers are powerful and resilient.  Bitcoin has operated with 992266446 percent uptime.

Distributed public ledgers are continuously available for users to record new transactions or validate previous ones.

If account A transfers to account B, it goes on the ledger. It can takes up to an hour for this transaction to validate and post for Bitcoin. However there is no way for A, B, or anyone else to remove that transaction from the ledger.  The ledger becomes “immutable”, and the transactions on it is part of a public blockchain forever.

The blockchain is replicated on thousands of machines worldwide, and continuously reverified every time a new system joins the network,  computes the state of transactions at that time.

Maintaining a decentralized, immutable ledger of transactions is not easy, especially in the face of threats up to and including sovereign-level attacks.  A centralized entity like Visa, or MasterCard has huge teams of engineers to design and protect the computer systems. The bitcoin protocol is implemented by multiple open-source software projects, and developed by a community of unaffiliated developers.

UHF VHF spectrum masks IP's and location

The use of public radio spectrum (UHF/VHF) goes a long way to mask the geographic location of any user or b2bcell COOP member. Like encrypted burst communications from satellites to submarines, data transactions over the trusted node are very difficult to track.   These burst data communications are almost impossible to attribute to a specific user.  In writing the transactions to the public ledger B2bcell will use VPN and anonymous IP addresses.