Fixed Wireless Broadcast TV White Space

Some VHF /UHF broadcast Television channels are not in use and have  available spectrum.

The tower mounted radio heads and the Consumer Premise Equpment (CPE) can be inexpensive. It is hoped this unlicensed UHF/VHF spectrum can be used for ISP like services. There are new ATSC 3.0 chips which will allow for direct broadcast TV viewing on a smart phone or tablet. Think instant replay in the stands during an NFL game.

Crypto Distributed Ledger

Owner of Wallet

Cryptocurrency ledgers are maintained on thousands of computers dispersed across the internet.

Crypto transactions are publicly recorded on a distributed ledger. These transaction can be reviewed by anyone. However, the people the crypto wallet owner who made the transaction can never be reviewed by anyone. If this works there should be total anonymity.  This technical arrangement ensures that a person can’t use the same crypto to pay for a good or service more than once.  While Crypto “coins” or tokens can be seen moving between “addresses” identified by strings of letters and numbers, the names of wallet owners remain out of sight.

In theory, the process is 100% decentralized. Each owner is responsible for keeping track of the password. Importantly, there is no need for a trusted intermediary, or any central database of transactions linked with people and bank accounts. There is no bank, no credit-card company, to ensure the validity of any crypto exchanges. The blockchain does that. Note about pictures- these are placeholders and tests